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On Court 1 Kateryna and Katarzyna, one from Ukraine, one from Poland, teamed up and moved into the doubles final. At the same time other players with the exact same names – Kateryna from Ukraine and Katarzyna from Poland – started their singles quarterfinal match…

Kozlova and Kawa, as opposed to Bondarenko and Piter, were – and still are – rivals. Still are because they didn’t manage to finish their match before the darkness. The Polish player could leave the court in a slightly better mood. She started off great, with a 3:1 lead but lost four games in a row. She quickly proved that she is also perfectly capable of winning four games in a row. The first set was won by Kawa 7:5. In the second set the players won in series as well – three for the Ukrainian and three for the Pole. At 3:3 in the second set the match was interrupted due to the darkness. It will resume at 1 p.m. tomorrow.

Results – Friday, Jul 23

QF – M. Zanevska (BEL) d. [9] N. Parrizas Diaz (ESP) 63 62
QF – K. Kucova (SVK) d. [Q] E. Gorgodze (GEO) 67(4) 76(7) 76(3)
QF – T. Korpatsch (GER) d. [Q] A. Bondar (HUN) 75 63
SF – [3] A. Danilina (KAZ) / L. Marozava (BLR) d. [1] M. Kato (JPN) / R. Voracova (CZE) 64 76(1)
SF – [4] K. Bondarenko (UKR) / K. Piter (POL) d. [2] E. Gorgodze (GEO) / O. Kalashnikova (GEO) 60 16 10-7

Schedule – Saturday, Jul 24

CENTRE COURT starts at 1:00 PM
K. Kawa (POL) vs K. Kozlova (UKR) – To finish 75 3/3 ( Darkness )
NB 2:00 PM K. Kucova (SVK) vs T. Korpatsch (GER)
NB 5:00 PM M. Zanevska (BEL) vs K. Kawa (POL) OR K. Kozlova (UKR)